Friday, October 30, 2009


Today, October 30th 2009, the kids and I went with my sister, her 4 kids, and our Mom downtown Greenville to Trick or Treat. I have a MIB (Men In Black) theme all set for tomorrow (Halloween), but I wanted to make use of some other costumes that the kids had, so we did a Disney theme.

I had made the Cinderella dress for Anna for her 2nd birthday party and wanted to use it again before she outgrew it. Someone had given us the Pooh costume when I was pregnant with Benjamin but never used it as a costume for any of my babies, so I wanted to make sure Peter got a chance to use it. That left Benjamin, who had no Disney costume to wear. So, I whipped up a cow print vest, borrowed some elements from one of Daddy's costumes, used a yellow shirt and pair of jeans he already had...and viola! a Woody costume!