Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Benjamin's Baptism

Benjamin informed me May 9th, 2013 that he wanted to be baptized on Mother's Day (May 12th, 2013).  I told him he would need to talk to Pastor, but I thought it was short notice and that Pastor would need a bit more time. Pastor talked with Benjamin and made him wait a bit to be sure it wasn't a childish whim.  The first date Pastor proposed for Benjamin's baptism didn't work out for my brother and his family so it got pushed back to Father's Day June 16th, 2013.  As it turned out, Benjamin's cousin Emily decided she wanted to be baptized too, so she was added to Benjamin's day as well.

In keeping with a tradition that my Mom started for me (and my siblings) and I continued when Jason was baptized August 29th, 2004 I embroidered a handkerchief with Benjamin's name and baptism date.

We also got him a card (baptism cards are hard to find in the store!)...

...and a nice Bible

Pastor quoted Jesus' words: "Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of heaven."

Cousin Emily's baptism

Cookies I made to celebrate Benjamin's baptism.  (He helped me frost them!)

Benjamin also got a card and gift from his "adoptive Grandpa and Grandma" Mr. and Mrs. Garland: