Monday, March 7, 2011

Benjamin's 6th Birthday

Benjamin's 6th birthday was on Thursday, February 17th, 2011. The theme was, again, Spiderman.

My husband & I had been planning to put a plywood cutout of Spiderman on Benjamin's bedroom wall since before we moved and hadn't gotten it finished yet. So, I really pushed hard to get it finished, and up, by his birthday this year. We got it finished, and put up on his birthday so I got to surprise him with it when he got home from school. He absolutely LOVES it! I drew the outline on the plywood, Jason cut it out, and I painted it. I added the rope "web" detail as well.

Plywood cutout:

Spiderman finished and up in Ben's room:

We always love having leftover cake after the party is done, and our family is pretty big even without my oldest sister and her family there (they live in Arizona...a bit far to come for a birthday party!), so I made two cakes: one white, one chocolate:

From the Dempseys:

From the Woodards:

From Grandpa and Grandma Woodard:

Some of the gifts from Daddy and Mommy: