Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Benjamin's 1st Day of School!

Benjamin started Kindergarten this year! The way Greenville has the Kindergartners start, to ease them into the idea of a classroom setting, is to have half the students go to school on Tuesday and the other half go on Wednesday. Then, Thursday (and from there on), the whole class goes together. Benjamin was part of the group that started today, Wednesday.

He seemed a bit nervous about the whole idea, but we reassured him that he would have fun. I was feeling a bit guilty, like I was abandoning him. But, the end of the day made me feel better to find out how much fun he had! It certainly is something to get used to, since school schedules are something we haven't had to deal with since Daddy & Mommy were in college (we won't mention how long ago that was!!).

Finishing up breakfast before heading to school:

In front of the school sign at his school: Baldwin Heights Elementary:

At his locker, with Daddy:

At his table, in his chair:

It was kind of funny, we had to dodge around another parent who was taking pictures of her daughter's first day of school. She apologized once, as we stood waiting for our turn at the lockers, but I told her I completely understood!