Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Ultrasound

Monday, December 8th I had my first official OB visit. When my doctor came in, she brought a supervisor (standard procedure when a pelvic is done). My doctor had me lay down and put gel on my tummy so she could use the doppler to try and listen for the baby's heartbeat. After several attempts, nothing but my heartbeat was coming across, so she asked the other doctor if she'd like to give it a try. The second doctor gave it a try, but after several attempts, nothing but my heartbeat was coming across yet again. My doctor decided she'd go ahead with the pelvic exam and possibly that would jostle the baby up to the top so they could hear him or her. After the pelvic, my doctor gave it one more try, but still after several attempts, nothing but my heartbeat was coming across.

I was very disappointed, because I wanted to definitely hear the strong heartbeat to put my fears to rest. When both doctors couldn't find the heartbeat, my fears started rearing their ugly heads again. I knew it was quite common this early NOT to hear the heartbeat, and as one of the doctors put it, it's like trying to find a tiny fish in a big ocean. However, I was still starting to worry.

Near the end of the appointment, my doctor came back in the room with our paperwork and said since they couldn't find the heartbeat we were entitled to another ultrasound or another appointment to try the doppler again in a week or two. We decided on the ultrasound. When we went to schedule the ultrasound and my next OB appointment, the woman said the hospital (where the ultrasounds are done) could get me in as early as the next day at noon. I jumped at the chance, because I just wanted to know one way or the other and not wonder for a week or two.

So, my ultrasound was set for Tuesday December 9th at 12:00. When we went back to the ultrasound room, the woman who was going to do the ultrasound for me asked "Why are you here today?". I explained to her that my doctor couldn't find the heartbeat and wanted to be sure everything was alright since I had had a miscarriage in November of 2007. She said "Ahhh, that's why you're here!" The first thing she did after putting the gel on my tummy was turn the monitor so I could see and pointed out our baby's tiny heart beating away. It was so very reassuring and nice to see that. The ultrasound tech was very understanding and very nice. Plus, we got two more pictures of our beautiful little miracle!

Ultrasound at 11 weeks.


Ernie, Michelle and Emmy said...

Congrats, Jason & Rachel! We are thrilled with this wonderful news and also excited you started a blog about the kiddos! They have grown so much since we moved away in January! Wow - hard to believe we've almost been back in NE a year! Emmy's one now. Check out our blog if you get a chance by clicking on the link of our name on my post!

mattswife1990 said...


That is beautiful, to see those new photos & to hear the reassuring news that "Jelly Bean" is doing *great*!!

We'll keep praying...

Amy & fam :)

Mieal Deneb said...

Amy, I know, I just can't get over how beautiful our baby looks to me! I just love seeing him/her. Thanks again for all your prayers!!

Ernie & Michelle, I'm so glad to hear from you guys! After you moved, we lost contact. :( It's good to hear you're doing well. I'll certainly visit your blog!