Friday, January 30, 2009

Christmas 2008

I know it's a bit late for posting about Christmas, but I finally got around to downloading & resizing all the pictures from Christmas break. There were a LOT of pictures (which included the process of the total stair replacement for our house) so I'd been putting it off. Here are some highlights of the kids' Christmas, 2008.

On Christmas Eve, their Grandpa Orange came for a visit. He gave them bedding (twin size so they can use it in the future also when they outgrow their toddler beds). Benjamin got Spiderman and Anna got Cinderella (Dinsey Princesses). They also got matching trash cans for their rooms as well as lightsabers (so they don't fight over Mommy's anymore!).

Christmas morning was our little family celebration. We couldn't afford much, but the kids enjoyed their presents, particularly the "main" presents. Benjamin got a shopping cart and Anna got a toy cat. The cat seems to be the best gift so far, Anna still LOVES that cat and she sleeps with it every naptime (if she actually naps!) and bedtime.

We also had a dollar store gift in each child's stocking.

Later on Christmas day, we went to a family get-together with Mommy's side of the family. They had lots of fun with all their cousins, which I think they enjoyed more than the presents, actually!

Here are all the cousins for a silly photo. Benjamin and Anna are in the back, and can't be seen that well for all the antlers.

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