Tuesday, April 7, 2009

OB Appointment

I had another OB appointment today. It was originally scheduled for Friday the 3rd, but the woman who schedules called later (when we weren't home) and told us she had to change my appointment because they didn't have any doctors scheduled for Friday the 3rd (I'm not sure how they could mess that up...). She set my appointment for today, Tuesday the 7th, at 2:30. The 2:30 time conflicts with Jason's schedule, but because of FMLA, his work has to let him take the time off work to take me to the appointment without punishment. Unfortunately, today was also the day I had to go in early to drink the sugary stuff for the glucose screening -then return an hour later to have my blood drawn.

When it was finally my turn at the lab, they didn't know which glucose screening I was supposed to have and thought I was supposed to have fasted and they wanted to draw my blood prior to me drinking the sugary stuff as well as an hour after. I told them the other times I've had this done all I had to do was come in, drink the stuff, and come back an hour later for the blood draw. They finally figured out that my doctor must have written it down with the wrong wordage (I think they just didn't understand what my doctor was asking...) and decided what needed to be done. They had me drink the nasty sugary concoction (at room temperature, non the less...yuck!) and I was supposed to come back at 3:25.

We got up to my doctor's office (which was only one floor above the lab in the same building) about 4 minutes early and sat there for over a half hour! My bladder was about to burst, but I didn't want to do anything about it because the nurse always wants a sample at every appointment. Finally, they asked me back and I jokingly said "About 1 pound of my weight is probably pee...I GOTTA GO!" as I stepped onto the scale.

After we were back in an exam room, we waited for quite some time before my doctor finally came in, and by that time it was nearly 3:30...an HOUR after my appointment time. I told her I was supposed to have been downstairs to the lab for my glucose screening blood draw 4 minutes ago. She did her best to hurry things up, but when we went to schedule my appointment, there were people ahead of me, so more waiting! >_<

Oh well, we finally got out of there and on our way! I don't have baby bump pictures, since I didn't want to keep Jason from getting to work. I'll try to have him take some tomorrow.

Now, I start to see my doctor every two weeks. Though my next appointment won't be with her because she has a conference to go to that day.

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