Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Saturday, we trick-or-treated at Meijer. After church on Sunday we carved pumpkins, got into costume & handed out candy until it was gone, then went trick-or-treating.


Carving Pumpkins:

Going out to trick-or-treat:

Our yard. We made tombstones to make a path up to our front door, since it isn't super obvious. We had lights that were meant to go along with the tombstones, but we didn't have enough to go the entire way.

The kids' pumpkins on the porch:

Some of the tombstones we made (I drew the patterns, Jason cut them out, I painted and decorated them) were silly, but some of them hold special meaning. This one is to honor our little niece Jessica who died when she was 6 months old:

The "forever" pumpkin I carved for Benjamin:

Peter's Snoopy pumpkin was one we found already carved at Kmart, Anna's I carved for her:

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mattswife1990 said...

Love the photo of you and Peter! :)

Thanks for thinking of Jessica... that's sweet of you.

Amy :)