Thursday, March 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas Day, 2011

This year my side of the [Michigan] family came to our house for our Christmas get-together.

My niece Emily with my Little Orphan Annie reborn.

After the family get-together was over, we did our family gifts.

The older two kids had a "Christmas Shoppe" at school, so we gave them each a few dollars to spend. They got gifts for each other, Peter, Daddy, and me.

Benjamin's gifts:

Anna's gifts (she also had a couple hand-made ornaments)

We let Peter pick a gift from the Dollar Store for Anna and one for Benjamin:

My "stocking stuffers" to Jason

Christmas this year was almost entirely "brought to us by" Toys For Tots. I was very very grateful that we qualified, even though the wait to pick out gifts was a couple hours long!

Even though we don't believe in Santa, we got a "Santa" hat from the dollar store. We created a new tradition: Whomever is giving the gifts gets to wear the hat. It was fun to take turns giving gifts and wearing the hat! Peter absolutely LOVED it when it was his turn to wear the hat!


Amy :) said...

Love the pic of the kids by the tree! :) I was thinking Anna's dress looked awfully familiar in your post about the Christmas program and then it was when I saw the Christmas tree pic that I realized why. I'm guessing Anna's dress came from Lisa, too? Naomi has the exact same dress... :)

Orange Grove Nursery said...

I wondered about it, but I would have thought she'd have said something about sending it...I guess she wanted to be "secret Santa"! :)