Thursday, March 1, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

This year, I had the kids color, decorate, and create Christmas ornaments of their favorite characters (Benjamin=Spiderman, Anna=Cinderella, Peter=Lightning McQueen) for their grandparents' gifts.

Here are the kids (12-23-11) in the process of creating:

For Christmas Eve, we had Grandpa Orange come over.

(One of the suggestions we gave Grandpa was a plush Lighting that Peter would be able to sleep with. Peter absolutely LOVES it!)

It has become our tradition to give out the stockings on Christmas Eve, just before bed.

Daddy even had a stocking stuffer for me. I had one for Daddy, but I made him wait until Christmas because if he saw it, he would know where I got his main gift from, and it would ruin the surprise. ;)

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