Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

Grandpa Orange was supposed to come on Christmas Eve, but he didn't show up.  He called Christmas morning and asked if we could re-schedule.  I suggested he come right over before he changed his mind, so he did.  He bought the kids laptop-like video games which are a blessing and a curse all in one.  A blessing because it keeps them out of my hair since I made a rule they couldn't play with them downstairs, they have to play with them in their rooms (the games are noisy!).  But, they are a curse, because the kids get so engrossed in them, they don't hear me when I call to them...4 or 5 times!

By my suggestion, we gave Grandpa Orange a painting I had done in college depicting an angel and demon fighting.  I thought it would be good for him to remember that God is on his side and is fighting for him.

This year, for the kids' presents, I decided to make each of the kids their own reborn dolls since they had been asking for one since I picked up the hobby in 2011.  We got the reborns a "toy" and I made each doll a blanket.  Peter's doll's toy didn't come in time, so we substituted something we had gotten to put in his stocking.  The kids like their dolls, but they are more occupied by the fancy electronic games their Grandpa got for them, so it was pretty disappointing for me.  Maybe after the "newness" of the games wears off, they'll appreciate the hard work and love I put into the dolls for them? 

Benjamin and Anna had the "Secret Shop" at school again this year, so we gave them each $5 to spend.  Anna even got a gift for Muffy!   We took Peter to the Dollar Store so he could also get gifts for everyone so he wouldn't be left out.  I had gotten Muffy a new chew toy from the dollar store, but it was tough to get a good picture of her with it because she was so rambunctious!  

Peter got to be "Santa" first

Then Anna got to be "Santa"

Then it was Benjamin's turn to be "Santa"

We did buy an "everybody" gift, the game "Cootie" 

Peter's reborn blanket was too big, so I made that one be his for his bed, and used some scraps to make a quilt for his little baby.

Peter opening his reborn

Baby Jack Jack!

Anna opening her reborn

Baby Cinderella!

Benjamin opening his reborn

Baby Peter Parker/Spiderman!

The kids and their reborns

Jason's gift.  He knew what it was, but it is tough finding a gift he'll want/use that is within the limited price range we had to spend.  So, I enlisted his help.  It's not as fun, knowing what you're getting, but I still wanted to wrap it nicely.

Jason got me exactly what I was hoping for, "The Hobbit" book.  Ever since seeing the movie, I wanted to read it again, but I didn't have a copy.  Jason solved that for me.

Here are some more pictures of the Christmas reborns:

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