Monday, February 2, 2009

20-Week Ultrasound

Today, we had the 20-week ultrasound (we're 19 weeks & 2 days pregnant, in the 20th week). The lady who did the ultrasound this time was the same one who did the ultrasound when we were 11 weeks pregnant. She remembered us from last time, which I thought was really neat. She told me that she was going to do a lot more measuring this time, but when she was done, she'd turn the monitor so that we could see better.

It was so amazing, as it always is, to see our little baby moving and growing and living inside me. We got to see the baby's heart beating, and the ultrasound tech pointed out all four chambers of the heart. She showed us just about every little millimeter of our baby, and pointed out features like the legs, knees, arms, hands, head, eyes, etc. Toward the end, the baby started to wake up and squirm a little, but it was still difficult to see the gender 100%. She came in from below the baby, to see between the legs, and was sort of nudging the baby with the ultrasound wand to get the baby to move it's legs a little for a clearer view, but the baby didn't want to move! She zoomed in and pointed out the area between the legs. She and I both agreed it looks like a little boy! :) She was pretty sure that what we were seeing between the baby's legs wasn't the cord. I remembered a similar view of our daughter Anna and her ultrasound view didn't look like this one. I'm 98% sure we're having a little boy. Which seems right, because I've been feeling like it was a boy almost from the start. In fact, the past few weeks, I've caught myself referring to the baby as "he" without stopping to think about it and then I think, "Well, we don't know yet, it might not be a 'he'!"

We got four pictures this time! One of my favorites is of his tiny little feet, which look like they'll be pretty long by the time he's born. The ultrasound tech was trying to get a cute picture of his face, but every time she'd zoom out, we'd see that his arm was right across his face. So, she had to go a little further to avoid the arm. So, the pictures of his face look more like a skull than a face, but it's still cute to see.

Here are the pictures:

We're excited to learn we're having a boy (we would have been happy with a girl too) and now we can start calling him by his name: Peter. We look forward to his birth-day and trust that God will help him grow big and strong...just not quite as big as his big brother who weighed in at 10 lbs at birth!!

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