Wednesday, February 4, 2009

OB appointment

Tuesday, February 3rd I had another OB appointment. It was pretty much routine. This time, even the med student was able to find the heartbeat because the baby (whom we know is Peter now) has very little room to move around!

I've been feeling it, and the ultrasound on Monday confirmed it, that Peter's head is toward my upper right side and his feet are down toward my lower left, at an angle with his head facing up. Every so often, he must stretch his head up because I can feel it pushing against my side. It feels strange, but I love it because it reminds me that he is there and moving around well.

Today (2-4-09) I felt what I describe as the first real kick. It didn't feel like flutters or gas like I've been feeling for several weeks now, it felt like a real all-out kick. He still has his feet at the bottom, which will be interesting should he end up kicking my bladder!

Here are some Baby Bump pictures, taken today at 19 weeks 4 days:


mattswife1990 said...

Yea! Baby bump photos!! I love to be able to see how big Peter (and you) are getting!

How do you like those lower-belly maternity pants? They were just coming out with those when I was pregnant with Naomi, and I had plenty of clothes so I didn't buy any. It seemed like they might feel better to not have all that elastic across the belly...

Love ya!
Amy :)

Mieal Deneb said...

Hey Amy, I didn't see your comment before... ^_^; I like the lower-belly pants because the elastic doesn't feel like it's up to my armpits! But, they have a tendency to feel like they're falling down a lot. I do like the fact that your shirt doesn't have to be nearly as long because there's no stretchy panel to cover up, and the pants feel a bit more "normal" than the huge panel ones. :)