Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 In "Review"

I've been so busy this past year, I haven't taken much time for blogging...I think my last blog post was about Benjamin's 7th birthday, and his 8th is only a couple months away!!  So, I will do my best to "fill in" the gaps of the year, hopefully before it is over!

With that, I will start with Easter.  I had seen a unique Easter snack online and wanted to try it out called "Empty Tombs".  You put a marshmallow inside a crescent roll, bake it, and when it is finished, the marshmallow is "gone" leaving an empty "tomb".  Here, the kids and I are working on them.

Here, Peter is being his usual impish self, stealing butter straight out of the tub.  The look on my face says it all! lol 

The kids' Easter Sunday morning looking in their Easter "basket" tins.

Family pictures:

This was also the day we became members of Ashley Baptist Church.

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