Saturday, December 29, 2012

The kids with their bikes.

We had gotten Benjamin and Anna bikes with training wheels in 2011, and they enjoyed them all that summer.  When spring of 2012 came, we decided it was time for Peter to have one of his own, so we got him a little "Cars" bike.  Here he is riding it for the first time:

We decided that it had been long enough for Benjamin using the training wheels, so we worked on teaching him how to ride without them.  The first day without training wheels for Benjamin was May 6th, 2012.  He wasn't very brave, so gave up riding his bike for quite a while after that, but with prompting he went back to it and soon his bravery paid off and he was riding like a pro.

Anna decided on her own that she wanted to go without training wheels, so we helped her once or twice.  She was very tenacious about it and didn't give up until she had taught herself how to ride without training wheels.  Anna's first day without training wheels was September 9th, 2012.

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