Friday, February 24, 2012

Catching up...

I've fallen desperately behind on my posts. On the 19th of February, while taking pictures of Benjamin at his birthday party, my camera's card filled up. Meaning: I NEEDED to download images and get them off the card! So, thinking that they went back only as far as Halloween, I went back to the beginning on my card. Boy was I surprised! I had pictures on there from June and July! I haven't posted about them, but I had downloaded pictures from Mother's day and Peter & Anna's birthdays in May and June. So, I will try to play catch up now.


Mother's day activities in Greenville.

In May, our town had kids' activities to celebrate Mother's day. They decorated cookies, chose a flower to pot & take home (as a gift for Mom), color a card to go with the flower, and get temporary tattoos:

Benjamin brought home a plant with red flowers in a hand-painted pot (from school) for Mother's day. It is the end of February now and it is STILL blooming! :) Here it is next to the other flowers I was given for Mother's day. I planted the Hyacinth (from Daddy) outside hoping it'll come back in the spring.

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