Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My sister, Becky, is also expecting a boy (due in August). Here we are together Easter 2009 back in April. I wanted to get another "two bumps" picture before I deliver Peter, but I somehow think the next time I'll be seeing Becky is when she & her family visit us in the hospital after Peter is born.

The irony is, my OB doctor is leaving my OB office and moving to Greenville. Becky's OB office, in Greenville, is getting a new doctor. Guess who?! MY doctor! So, it could possibly end up that the doctor I've been seeing for 8+ months could be the one who delivers my nephew for Becky!

It seems Becky & I have grown up with ironies like this. We went to rival colleges and worked at rival fast foot places, at times we seemed to even share a brain, we could finish sentences in tandem. The strangest being one family get-together there was a covered dish on the table and it was questioned what was under the lid. I lifted the lid to look and both Becky & I saw that it was carrots yet we both, at the same precise moment, said "Corn." It was the oddest thing! I always say we were twins born 2½ years apart. :)


mattswife1990 said...


That *is* too ironic about your doctor heading to Becky's OB clinic. Too bad she didn't stick around 'til after Peter was born, and *then* head to Greenville. It would've been cool to "catch" two cousins the same summer!

Did you have this doctor for Benjamin & Anna's births?

See you soon!
Amy & fam :)

Mieal Deneb said...

The doctor I had for Benjamin left for the ER shortly after Benjamin was born, though she didn't deliver him. The doctor that I'm losing now is the one that I saw for Anna, but she didn't deliver Anna either. I probably only have one more appointment anyway, so it's not a super big deal since I doubt she would have delivered Peter either. I think the irony of it is so weird though!


Becky said...

I guess that is the "joy" of going to an OB office with multiple doctors--getting whoever is on call to deliver the baby! I've seen the same OB/GYN for all 4 of my pregnancies, and so far, he's only delivered Emily(and that is because we scheduled the induction on his day!) He was scheduled to deliver William, too , but got called away for an emergency surgery right before he was born. So we've had a different doctor for all 3 deliveries, so having Rachel's doctor deliver Andrew would fit the pattern!

Rachel, another one of my favorite moments we've had was the whole thing about the "green runner" being used for Amy's wedding!


Mieal Deneb said...

LOL Becky, I think only you and I thought the green runner was quite so funny!! :) Good times.


mattswife1990 said...

Wow, I have no idea whatsoever about the green runner you two are talking about for my wedding!!

Amy :)