Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16, 2009 OB Appointment

My OB appointment today was weird. It would figure that the last two appointments went really well with hardly any wait so now today this one should make us wait. We were there about two hours today. After about 45 minutes in the waiting room, the nurse took me back to let me give my urine sample, weigh me (I lost a tad since last week), take my blood pressure & pulse and ask me some routine questions. I explained to her about going in to the hospital and the prescription that I was given and she praised me for reading the label before taking it since it sounded like it would be harmful for the baby. When she was finished, she said the doctor would be in shortly.

Well, I've been there long enough to realize that "shortly" could mean 45 minutes later, so I got down off the table and went to sit next to Jason on the little couch in the room to work on my cross-stitch. After quite some time of waiting (and two VERY bored kids), someone came in, but it wasn't my doctor it was a student. She was there to do the basic things like measure my fundus, listen for the baby's heartbeat, and ask me more questions. I explained to her also about going to the hospital on Saturday and about my prescription. She took a bunch of notes on my file and then said the doctor would be in "shortly".

After MORE waiting for quite some time, the doctor finally came in, but she didn't really seem "all there". It is her last week, and I think she has "senioritis" (-the term we'd use in my high school for people who were about to graduate and couldn't think of anything else but "gettin' outta Dodge" and so weren't focused on school stuff at all). I tried to talk with her about my trip to the hospital and my concerns about the prescription and the nuchal cord but she didn't really seem concerned at all and seemed to want to end the appointment so she could move on.

She did tell me that there is something like a .00001% chance of some sort of infant problem (she said it so fast, I couldn't catch it) with taking the prescription I was prescribed by the doctor at Saint Mary's, but she said it's so remote, they prescribe it all the time for women in late pregnancy. When I told her about the nucal cord, she was very dismissive. I told her that the doctor at St. Mary's didn't even know if she wanted to tell me about it and my doctor laughed and said that she probably wouldn't have. It sort of rubbed me the wrong way, but I think she meant to lighten the mood and let me know that it was absolutely nothing to worry about.

I'll mention the nuchal cord to whomever I see next week, and the fact that my first son was born at 10 pounds, just so he/she knows where things are. I'm dissapointed that my doctor is leaving, but at the same time, it also might be refreshing to have another perspective on things.

We'll see if I even need my next appointment. I asked for a morning appointment so it wouldn't conflict with Jason's work schedule (Tuesday afternoons were all my doctor had, but now that she's leaving, I have to go with someone else anyway so I might as well pick hours that work better for us.) and the woman doing the scheduling gave me 9:10 a.m. on Friday the 26th...only 2 days from my due date. As I was about to leave she teased me and said she had to warn me that she had a preminition/feeling that a lot of "their" babies would be born this weekend. I laughed and said "So, I should keep my schedule open?!" :)

Here are some 38 weeks & 2 days baby bump pictures taken today:


mattswife1990 said...

Wow, that does sound like a challenging appointment. It's too bad your doctor is leaving so soon before Peter is due. :( Hopefully you'll get someone really good!

It's fun to see your "bump" photos again. :) Wow, not very long until the due date, huh?

I'll be praying for the last bit of your pregnancy, for the labor & birth and for Peter (and you) after the birth, too. :)

We love you!
Amy & family :)

Mieal Deneb said...

Thanks,Amy. I know I can use the prayers. It's hard not to freak out and "what if" on all the things that could possibly go wrong, but we've come this far I know God will get us through the last couple weeks (days?). :)