Monday, June 1, 2009

May 26, 2009 OB appointment

I had another OB appointment May 26, 2009. It was another afternoon appointment, so I went expecting we'd have to wait a long time, but it was actually pretty short! You never know! Everything was pretty routine, which is good. My next appointment (tomorrow) will be the one where she checks for Group B Step. She'll probably also check to see if my cervix has dilated at all (which means pretty much nothing, I walked around 2-3 cm dilated for over a month when I was expecting Benjamin). Now, we're down to every week visits until BIRTH-day. :)

Here are some 35 week baby bump pictures:


Amy :) said...


What a great bump! You still have a few weeks to grow yet, too. :) I'm excited to meet Peter when we're there this summer... I'm guessing he'll be born while we're in the U.P. What do you think?

Love ya!
Amy :)

Mieal Deneb said...

Yeah, he'll probably be born while you're in the U.P. Sometimes it feels like he'll come early, but it felt that way for Benjamin too and he was 4 days late! I certainly have gotten more stretch marks this time, so I know I'm a lot bigger than I have been. Of course, I'm older now too! ;)


Amy :) said...

Ah, yes, stretch marks! I have quite a collection of them. I even have one in my belly button, thanks to Jesse. :)

It was worth it, though! :)

Mieal Deneb said...

I try to look at stretch marks as a badge, I've earned them. I'll try to look at grey hairs that way too when the time comes...not so sure about wrinkles though...! ;)