Friday, June 5, 2009

June 2nd, 2009 OB appointment

I had another OB appointment on Tuesday at 1:oo. We were a little early, but we got in right on time. I actually lost about a pound from last week, but I'm not worried at all because I'm sure it was a pound off of me and not Peter! There's plenty of weight there, so I was actually glad to see it go down a bit! I had the Group B Strep check, which went fairly well. My doctor also checked my cervix which was less than comfy. :/ She said I was only about 1 cm dilated, if that means anything (I have a feeling when it's time, it'll go quick). Everything seems pretty normal. I'm sure Peter has settled lower in my pelvis the last few weeks, and his head is down so that is good. I'll see my doctor again the 9th.

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