Monday, June 1, 2009


I've definitely noticed the nesting urge lately. When I was pregnant with Benjamin and then with Anna, I was able to set up the nursery the way I wanted it to be long in advance, in preparation for the baby's arrival. This time however, we're unsure exactly how we're arranging the room situation. We wanted to build a room addition to our house, but that project has stalled (due to various reasons I won't go into here). For now, Peter will share Daddy & Mommy's room with a bassinet that I used when I was a baby.

For so long, I had mentally put off preparing for his arrival because I was somehow afraid if I prepared for his arrival, we would lose him. Then, I got lost in trying to finish several costume commissions before he arrived that I didn't let myself take time to "have fun" and prepare. But then, a week or two ago, I got this overwhelming sense of feeling like I wasn't ready for Peter's arrival. I felt like "He could come any day now and I wouldn't have clothes washed, or diapers ready, or a bed for him to sleep in, I hadn't dug out the car seat, or packed for the hospital or anything. So, I've been busy "nesting" the last few days.

I've gotten the bassinet from my parents and washed it's bedding so it "smells like home". I've washed burp cloths, diapers, onesies, shirts, pants, booties, socks, hats, etc. and gotten them folded and placed in a drawer of my dresser. I even sewed a Baby Snoopy cover for a nursing pillow I got from JoAnn's. My next baby related project will be to make a Baby Snoopy diaper stacker. I am also working on a cross-stitch "birth announcement" wall hanging that will feature Baby Snoopy and Woodstock (a lot like the image at the top).

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